Flarry Eye Grey Game Fowl (FEG)


Trio – $1500
Pair – $1000
Stag – $500
Pullet – $300

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Flarry Eye Greys are beautiful game fowl that originated in Ireland and were probably brought to the United States in the late 1800s. “Flarry” is an Irish derivation of the word “fiery,” and it alludes to the bright red eye color of this breed. Flarry Eye Greys also sport a signature feather crest on their heads; a striking adornment that is unusual for game fowl. The breed is known to be calm around humans and fierce in the pit. Roosters are medium-size for game fowl and usually weigh between five and six pounds. The hens have a deep red breast that contrasts nicely with the intricate grey patterns in their feathers. They lay smallish white eggs in good numbers.

Trio – $1500, Pair – $1000, Stag – $500, Pullet – $300


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