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About Us.

We are a 3rd generation family-owned and operated hatchery offering over 5 varieties of Fighting Game Fowls shipped directly from our farm here in the US. It is our mission to enhance your life by providing you with quality Cocks and Stags For your Games. We do have Healthy Crosses of Hens and Chicks also available for sale as(hens) seen on our website and the Chicks are only sold or ordered on demand.

A Few Words About OUR FARM

Fighting Game Fowls is a Farm of selectively crossed and raise Hens, Stags and Cocks. We produce our own eggs which are hatched from our hatchery. We have more than 100 years of focused genetic selection to produce Disease-resistant, Strength and Fighting Stamina Fighting Fowls with unique fighting styles of each particular cross.


We Ship And Deliver Worldwide Discretely.
Contact: +1 ‪(256) 887-5593‬
901 Fairfield Ave Shreveport Louisiana United States