Gamefowl Availible Now

We have gamefowl for sale available right now. Currently we have quail size trios:

  • Sweaters – 2 different bloodlines – Dink Fair 5K & Nesmith Possum
  • Blacks – Mel Simms bloodlines
  • Hatch – Green Leg Penny Hatch bloodlines
  • Butcher – Phil Marsh bloodlines
  • Roundhead – Lacy bloodlines
  • Blue Asils
  • Kelsos – Bruce Barnett Cardinal Club bloodlines

Sweater Gamefowl

The most popular all around gamefowl. They can almost be compared to the Navy Special Operations warriors known by they’re acronym: SEAL – SEa Airl Land, well maybe not the “sea” part but the Sweater Gamwfowl is an athlete in the “air” as well as on “land”. Known for their gameness and now recently, thanks to Mr. Carol Nesmith, their endurance, the Sweater Gamefowl is one of the most, if not the most popular gamefowl right now.

Nesmith Possum Sweater Bloodlines

The famous Sweater bloodlines refined and perfected by Carol Nesmith of Blackwater Farms in Alabama. As the story is told by Mr. Nesmith, a sweater hen of his wondered off to sit on a clutch of eggs underneath a tree root. The next time he went looking for her all that was found was a bunch of feathers, non eggs, no hen. An opossum had attacked the hen and eaten all the eggs. To Mr. Nesmith’s surprise the hen showed up a few days latter beat up but sill alive. She was bred back to her father and the tough Possum Sweater bloodline was born.